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Re: Time for a reassessment

Postby drkellyindc on Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:57 am

A friend sent me this passage from the novelist, critic, and travel writer Pico Iyer:

When a writer goes deep enough into his terrors, his guilts, his sexual secrets--whether his name is Franz Kafka or Erica Jong--a reader knows many of the things about him that even his friends and family might never have known about. He takes his residence inside us, and we inside him, and soon we begin to lose track of where he ends and we begin (that is in fact the treacherous promise of art, and the intimate surrender that is both reading and writing). . . . Reading John Fowles’s Daniel Martin not long ago, I found sentence after sentence that I had written, before I’d even read Daniel Martin. A writer is so open with the reader--if he’s good--that when his book comes out, his oldest friends start looking at him as a stranger ... even as strangers start treating him as an unmet friend.

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