The extremely active narrator

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The extremely active narrator

Postby Hayashi on Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:45 am

Why is Fowles, as a narrator, extremely active here?
He uses not only talkative narrator, suggestion of endings, trying to change the destinies of the characters, and besides, the appeared narrator with beard. (Why haven’t many people tried to think about this?) Why does Fowles need to be so active here? Of course the answer is to delude readers. He must be busy not to be found by readers that he is not the creator of the story. There is something peculiar about the FLW as a heterosexual story. Sarah’s behavior is sometimes puzzling. However, as Sarah is not woman but the PRB(young painters who sought freedom and independence in the moral of the conservative Royal Academy), all riddles are solved.
The FLW is about the relationship between the painters and their patron. Sometimes
an artist and a patron are like lovers. Especially the patron as Ruskin cannot love woman. The PRB was, femme fatale, to John Ruskin’s life.
I watched the film and read the novel eagerly. Later I had a chance to learn about the PRB and Ruskin as the Victorian art history. Then I felt the track between the PRB and Ruskin was familiar. I felt I had read this story before. Main characters of both stories are the same.
Ruskin and his virgin wife Effie (it was well-known) met scandalous and mysterious PRB in the Royal Academy of Art as Charlse and his fiancee Ernestina meet scandalous and mysterious Sarah in Lyme Regis in the Victorian age.
Sir Joshua Reynolds was a symbol of the conservative and formalism moral of the Royal Academy of Arts as Sarah’s old obstinate lady employer is a symbol of the rigid moral of the Victorian society.
We should not ask magicians about the truth of their tricks. Magicians would not tell. We find enough evidence, and we don’t need their answers. It is time to be disillusioned by the magus Fowles.
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